DSIR Recognition Certification

What We Do?

Scinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (also known as SCPL) is glad to share its expertise in helping a manufacturing company to extract R&D from its facilities and structure it to make it DSIR compliant.We then put together the application in a seamless manner to help you avail DSIR recognition.

Why Us?

SCPL starts working on your application the day the contract is signed; this helps in a quick turnaround time. SCPL with its experience working with multiple clients over the years has identified issues that cause delays in the submission of the DSIR Recognition application. To tackle such issues SCPL has developed the following methods.

  • SCPL has clearly defined processes & timelines.
  • To avoid delays caused by confusion of roles & responsibilities we have mentioned the distinct responsibilities of the client & SCPL during the course of this project.
  • SCPL has an automated process of filling the application.

We were able to achieve this with experience over the years & working with clients from various industries. With these steps & the proactive approach, SCPL is able to file an application with DSIR in 14 days.

  • Creating a client’s login on the DSIR website.
  • Selection of R&D projects for the short term, medium-term and long term (past, present, and future projects) with the help of the Client’s R&D Head.
  • Identifying the specific area and R& D centre layout for getting maximum benefits.
  • Filing of online application on DSIR site.
  • Submission of soft copy online & hard copy to DSIR, New Delhi.
  • Finalization of presentation to be made to DSIR.
  • Walk-in video preparation needed for the DSIR meeting.
  • Mock presentation prior to the client’s meeting with DSIR.
  • Supporting the Client’s team on responding to queries raised by DSIR pre-recognition

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R&D Lab setup

SCPL is an expert in providing R&D services having served 200+ clients in India ranging from start-ups, SMEs, and large corporates with an almost 100% track record in availing the prestigious DSIR R&D certification for clients.

SCPL expertise lies in extracting R&D from manufacturing activities and structuring the R&D Department of the company keeping the strategic vision of the management in perspective along with insights from the R&D team.

We provide a full turnkey solution when you are setting up a new R&D department / lab or expanding the same ranging from understanding the purpose of the R&D lab, aligning it with various activities of the company, designing the lab to working with contractors to execute the laboratory.

SCPL believes in taking full ownership of the lab set up including compliance with various Government departments such as Pollution Control Board (PCB), Fire & Safety approvals, Local Municipal clearance, Building approval, etc.

We have the capabilities to work with different technology sectors ranging from Life Sciences to Electronics to Software to Food and anything in between

We work transparently and provide complete cost breakups of services provided including equipment (if sourced from SCPL), compliance work, design and contracting, and charge on a milestone basis.

We believe Time is Money, so we take client briefs very seriously and believe in delivering on time, every time.

Together let's make your Lab the cornerstone of your success!!


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